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Email A Photo

How do I E-mail a photo?


A digital picture is known as a file on your computer. The computer looks at all data weather it is a document or a picture as a file. Files are stored in folders in order to maintain an organized string of data.


First you have to know where the file is on your computer in order to attach it to your email. There are at least three places the file could be stored; on the hard drive usually designated drive C: The CD drive is usually designated drive D: or the floppy drive usually designated drive A:


The size of the file is important. Sending a large file to someone that uses a dial up connection will create a long download time on his or her end. Size your photos to no larger than 400 pixels across. This will give the recipient a nice size to view and prevent the file size from being to large to send.


If the picture is going to be used for reproduction, send as large a file as you can, the more pixels the better. Check with the recipient as to the maximum size they can receive.

Most free email accounts limit the size of the file to around 300 kilobytes.


To attach a file to an email:

  1. Write your email as you normally would.
  2. Click the attach icon on your screen. [Picture file:  401001Attach.jpg]
  3. A window will appear with the title of: Insert Attachment. This will usually default to the ‘my pictures’ folder. [Picture file: 401002Attach.jpg]
  4. Drop down the ‘look in’ dialog box to locate the drive the file is located. Click on the drive to find the folder where the file is located. Click the file and then click the Attach button to complete the process.
  5. In Outlook express and most other email programs a new line will appear just under the subject line of the email, titled, ‘Attachments’. The file you attached is listed in that box. [Picture file: 401003Attach.jpg]
  6. To attach multiple files, use the shift key with your mouse to attach a string of files. Use the Ctrl key with your mouse to select multiple files that are not in a string.
  7. Check your spelling and double check the file name to make sure you attached the correct ones.
  8. Click send.


Confirm again the correct files by looking in your ‘sent folder’. This will give you the same view of the email that your recipient receives.

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