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Red Eye Tip

How To Reduce Red-eye


Red-eye is caused by the flash bouncing light off the retina of the eye and recording on the film. The same problem comes up with your pets as green-eye or blue-eye.


With a little preperation you can reduce red-eye with these easy to use tips.

When possible, and for best results, combine these tips to eliminate red eye altogether.




Red-eye flash mode

Small point and shoot cameras have this mode. It flashes one or more times before the shutter to constrict the iris of the eye as much as possible.  Be sure to tell every one what to expect or they will look away as soon as they see the first flash.

External Flash

This increases the angle of the flash to eye. Red-eye rarely occurs with the use of an external flash.

Get Closer

This will widen the angle of the flash from the eye. Keep in mind that when photographing a group to use other methods.

Have person look away slightly

Ask your subjects to look slightly to the right or left.

Increase the amount of ambient light

If there is time to set up. Brighten the room as much as possible. This will help constrict the iris. The more light the better when indoors.



There are special pens available for sale to correct the red-eye effect on photographs. Be very careful when using one of these pens. If the ink is smudged or not applied properly, it will not come off.


Due to the amount of time it takes to correct red-eye, it cannot be corrected in normal production printing. If you have a print that you would like fixed, bring it in and let us save you time and frustration. Our finished product will look perfect!